Packing Tips

To keep your sellable items in great shape, we strongly recommend separating them from items in poor condition. If needed, you can request another StitchBack bag for $5. Here are some helpful hints to pack up your sellable items: 



We accept ALL women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, shoes and accessories. Everything must fit in our provided StitchBack bag. It holds up to 75 items.


All items considered for resale/consignment must be current, clean/freshly laundered and free of stains, holes and odors. Fold and stack them neatly in your bag.


Include attachments such as hoods or belts. Make sure suits, socks, gloves and children's sets are folded together. Wrap delicate items (beads and sequins) in tissue paper and label them “fine materials.”


  To help keep their shape, place hats, shoes and handbags at the top of your bag. If you have the original box or bag, that’s even better!


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