Frequently Asked Questions


Is StitchBack right for me?

+ Will you pick up my items anywhere in Richmond?

Yes! We want your experience to be easy and hassle free, so one of our team members can meet you at your home or office anywhere in the metro Richmond area. If you're worried you're too far away, contact us so we can discuss what will work best for you.

+ Do you charge a pick-up fee?

We charge $10 to pick up your bag anywhere in the Metro Richmond area. This fee includes one (or two) of our heavy duty, waterproof bags that holds up to 75 items. Additional bags can be mailed for $5.

+ What clothing brands and styles sell the best? Do you accept special occasion items such as prom dresses, bridesmaids' gowns, etc?

Items that sell: We’ll take anything you don’t wear anymore. Keep in mind, however, our resale and consignment partners are very selective and top, contemporary brands in excellent condition sell the best. So if you want to make top dollar, be selective and make sure everything is clean/freshly laundered, seasonal and free of spots, stains, holes and odors. Click here for best-selling brands.

Items that Don't Sell: Business clothes such as suits, slacks, and older, generic-brand button downs are difficult to sell secondhand in Richmond. These items are donated to local nonprofits who help dress at-risk men and women who are reentering the workplace. Likewise, we recycle all undergarments and socks.

Special Occasion outfits: These beautiful items are very difficult to sell in a brick-and-mortar store. As long as it's current and in good condition, we can try and sell them online for you. If you have a strong emotional attachment to your dress, I wouldn't include it in your bags.

+ Can you sell my luxury goods?

Absolutely! We offer white-glove service for luxe goods and only partner with RVA's most trusted consignment shops to ensure a risk-free experience. Typically you can make 60%-80% of the sale price, as long as the item is in season, has been authenticated and is in mint condition. We do not sell any item that cannot be authenticated. Our goal is to make you as much money as possible, so please contact one of our team members for a personal consultation.

+ My clothes don't meet your selling criteria. Will you take them anyway?

Hopefully we can sell some of your items. If not, we'll donate them to one of our nonprofit partners or sell them to textile businesses for reuse. We'll email you a tax-deductible receipt.

+ Will you take clothes that are out of season?

Yes, but our resale and consignment partners only sell by season. Items deemed out of season will be sold on consignment at our discretion based on when they can make you the most money. If you're unsure when to send us your seasonal items, feel free to contact us for guidance.


How can I make money on my preowned clothes?

+ How do you price my items?

Our priority is to make you as much money as we can, so our experienced intake team reviews every item by hand. They work closely with our resale and consignment partners to price each piece based on brand, style, season and condition.

+ How do I get paid?

Our payment structure is very straightforward. You'll make 30% to 80% of the sale price, depending on the brand, style, season and condition:

Retail Value ------ Payout ------ How

  • $69 or less ------- 30% --- Resale
  • $70 or more ----- 50% --- Consign

Payout: Percentage of the sale price
How: Resale = immediate payout, Consign = when your item sells

We payout though PayPal.

+ What is the difference between resale and consignment?

A RESALE shop buys your clothes outright and assumes 100% of the risk of your items selling. As a result, you receive a smaller payout. Our resale partners typically pay 30% of the expected sale price for items valued at $49 or less.

A CONSIGNMENT shop pays you when your items sell, sharing the risk and paying you a higher percentage of the sale. Our consignment partners typically pay 40% to 80% of the sale price, based on brand, season and condition. Consigned items sell for 60 days: 30 days at full price, 15 days at 50% off, 15 days at 75% off. Items that do not sell after 60 days are donated.

+ I'm feeling generous. Can I donate my earnings AND my clothes?

Yes! You can select this option at checkout. We will send you a tax-deductible receipt for your donation


Where do my unsellable items go?

+ What happens to my items you can’t sell?

Items we can't sell are either donated to our nonprofit partners or sold to textile recyclers who repurpose them so they stay out of landfills. All revenue from these textile recyclers is given to our nonprofit partners. Donated items are distributed to our nonprofits based on need.

+ What is a textile recycler?

Textile recyclers are for-profit businesses that recycle and repurpose old clothes and other textiles to keep them out of landfills. Revenue from these sales is given to our nonprofit partners.

+ Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt regardless of my bag’s value?

Yes. Once we pick up your bag you’ll receive an email confirmation within 14 business days.

+ Do you ever collect and donate items other than clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories?

Clothes, shoes and accessories are what we do best, so that’s all we do. Our team is specifically trained to identify the best-selling clothing brands and styles so we can make you the most money.