Can You Relate? 

It’s time to tackle your family's closets and drawers and update their wardrobes. You’re overwhelmed and wondering HOW to get started and WHAT to do with it all.

What do you do with your clothes that no longer bring you joy?


Declutter Your Closets. Simplify Your Life.

Like most of us, you want the clutter out of your house, but you don't have the time or patience to figure out what to do with it. WE GET YOU! Once you decide what clothes need to go, StitchBack PICKS UP up everything in our heavy-duty bag(s), PAYS you for your sellable clothes then DONATES the rest to support local nonprofits. 

StitchBack takes decluttering to the next level.


Recycle Your Clothes. Support RVA.

StitchBack offers you an EASY, CONVENIENT and REWARDING way to clean out your unwanted clothes. We partner with Richmond's best secondhand stores and local nonprofits that can get your clothes to the people who really need them. Together we can do good for the city we love and protect the planet by keeping clothes out of our landfills.

We're neighbors helping neighbors—right here in Richmond.