As a Richmond-based business, we take tremendous pride in our city and purpose. Everything you give us is either sold for your benefit at local, secondhand clothing stores Clementine, Ashby and Clover or recycled back into the community. Clothes that cannot be sold secondhand are donated to a pop-thrift shop, set up several times throughout the year in Carytown. All proceeds from this thrift shop are donated to StayRVA in support of Richmond Public Schools.


Supporting Together Area Youth

Supporting Together Area Youth (STAY) RVA is a movement comprised of parents and neighbors who want to help Richmond’s local public schools (RPS) thrive. We work with schools to help communicate, support and expand upon the great things they are doing for our youth. We also are working directly with RPS and other local nonprofits to build upon their successes and come together to support our mission.

We are a positive-minded, solution-oriented, action-based organization that encourages families to STAY in the city, STAY committed and STAY open-minded.